Linspire Nano

Linspire Nano is a Linux distribution that is developed for high availability computing.  Linspire Nano is a flexible OS and can be used in a plethora of IT solutions

  • File and Print Server
  • Cryptocurrency Mining
  • Terminal services
  • Dedicated database server
  • Dedicated web server
  • Dedicated application server
  • NVIDIA CUDA Development
  • AMD GPU Programming
  • Android Development
  • Clustering
  • Intranet host
  • Docker Host
  • OpenStack host
  • OwnCloud Server

Linspire Nano is widely used by our education customers and some fortune 500 companies who want to make use of lower specification hardware.  It allows you to bring security and availability back to your older hardware.

Linspire Nano features a minimal application set and allows customers to deploy the apps that they wish. Linspire Nano is the optimal solution for small businesses and education facilities world wide.

Feature Set

Cockpit remote administration
OpenSSH Server and Client
Samba Client and Server
Epiphany Web Browser
10 years of support
Full ZFS Filesystem support
Full XFS Filesystem support
Full UEFI and Secureboot support

System Requirements

Processor: 64 bit AMD or Intel CPU
RAM:  2 gb of RAM for lower end devices, 8 gb of RAM for server platforms
Storage: 20 gb for lower end devices, 128 gb or more for Server platforms
Network support: Wifi, Fiber Optic and Ethernet support

Linspire Nano is compatible with all Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux applications.

Linspire Nano Support License
Install Media
Order Notes

For users who need high performance workstation and Server devices can purchase those here