Linspire for Education

Linspire ESR (Education Special Release) is a Linux distribution that is developed for schools and education facilities. Linspire ESR bundles the best that the Linux desktop offers. Linspire ESR's flexibility shows when you deploy it in the following scenarios: 

classroom workstations 
library workstation 
Staff workstations
Replacement for Chrome OS or CloudReady on EOL Chromebooks 
Existing Mac x64 and Windows computers that may be outdated 

Linspire ESR comes with 2 options. A full install or a minimal install. A full install comes with all the great applications listed below and a minimal install only comes with the web browser, audio/video player and video conferencing software which makes it a perfect replacement for out-of-date Chromebooks or Windows PC's and x64 based Macs that may not have the resources to download and install the latest release and security updates or devices that may be considered obsolete by the hardware or software manufacturer.  Linspire ESR works on systems from 2010 and up. 

Security; security is paramount when it comes to deploying on school computers and what the students themselves can install and run on school owned systems. Not only do you get the latest updates and the system itself is supported for 5 years but we also have disabled the software center and we have disabled command line access. Administrators can use the management console to either re-enable those features or pick and choose what applications to install on the systems. Administrators can also access machines remotely as they need to administer maintenance and app maintenance. 

As they say, sharing is caring and if you need your students and staff to be able to interchange documents we include all the traditional directory services ie Samba, NFS, OpenLDAP and you can set up web apps for Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive. 

PWA support; as with Chromebooks, PWA support is extremely important as most facilities use Google Docs, Micosoft Office 365 Online and online storage. We include the Microsoft Edge web browser which allows you and your students to create, deploy and use PWA's. With PWA support all web apps look right at home with their own launch icon as well as desktop integration. You can also access Google Classroom and other management products that support the PWA platform and with Microsoft Edge you have top notch parental controls and you can fine tune privacy features so you control where and how your data is used. 

Feature Set includes: 
  • Full GUI environment – Plasma 5.18.8 - The gold standard of the Linux desktop. 
  • Linux kernel LTS - The Linux LTS kernel is a long term supported kernel that receives updates and fixes for a longer period of time. 
  • Microsoft Edge - Web browser from Microsoft. Uniquely engineered for security, privacy and performance. 
  • Thunderbird Mail and Calendar - Mail and Calendaring app compatible with IMAP, POP and Microsoft Exchange 
  • OpenJRE 17 - Open Source Java runtime environment for running Java apps 
  • ExFAT support - filesystem that you use to read flash drives 
  • Full Multimedia Codecs - CODEC's for consuming different audio and video formats 
  • Balena Etcher - Tool for writing ISO images to a USB stick 
  • Timeshift - Utility for rolling your system back in case of failure 
  • OnlyOffice - Microsoft Office compatible office suite that can handle even the most complex documents 
  • Kolourpaint - Application that allows you to create and manipulate images 
  • ebook reader and PDF reader- Any textbooks, PDF's or ebooks can be read by students or staff
  • Filezilla - FTP and SSH utility that allows you to access servers 
  • Zswap enabled for better performance and compatibility for hardware with less than 4 gb of RAM 

Linspire ESR has these minimum system requirements: 

  • Processor: 64 bit AMD or Intel CPU 
  • RAM: 4 GB of RAM for installation and basic use, 8 GB or more of RAM recommended for higher performance use 
  • Storage: 20 GB or more 
  • Network support: Wifi, Fiber Optic, and Ethernet support 

You can purchase Linspire ESR here or contact our sales team at for specialty orders

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