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The Education market is a market that Linspire is proud to be a part of.  We offer many services and support options for education markets.  PC/OpenSystems LLC technology products are targeted to K-12 schools as well as Universities and Community Colleges.  PC/OpenSystems LLC and Linspire have the privilege of providing technology services and software to many school systems in both the United States and overseas. The two products we provide to education facilities are Linspire and Linspire CE (Cloud Edition) There are three components in our support for the education market.  Software, Security and support.  Lets start with support


We provide onsite, online, remote and phone service for all of our education customers.  We can provide assistance with
  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Upgrade
  • Deployment
  • Network auditing
Education customers, like enterprise customers. are also provided with level 1 support which means they get our full and priority attention.  We provide answers and assistance within 24 hours.


Linspire being based on Linux offers the best defense when it comes to security through the following mechanisms
  • Filesystem encryption
  • Built in Antivirus
  • Firewall controls
  • Intrusion Detection System

Linspire is an effective choice to deter and eliminate data breaches and unauthorized use and entry into your systems.

Data collection, unlike our competitors Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Google Chrome OS we do not record or collect any customer information or any customer personal information.

Software Overview

Linspire and Linspire CE are a set of operating systems with many different functions.


Linspire is a desktop operating system designed for consumers and small to enterprise businesses and education facilities.  Linspire is an effective replacement for Microsoft Windows and macOS for the education market.  Linspire includes tools and utilities that students, administrators, and teachers can utilize to their full potential..  Linspire offers the following services and makes managing and deploying the client OS a snap.
  • Software Center, this allows customers to download applications easily to their systems.  Software Center is equivalent to Windows Store and the Apple App store.  Our Software Center contains thousands of application that can be well suited in any education facility
  • Firewall management, users can secure their systems using an easy to use GUI control for their firewall.  Its also scriptable
  • Anti-Virus, while Linux viruses are few and far between they do exist.  Our built-in antivirus also helps to scan for viruses on any Windows systems you have on your network.  Definition updates are free to download and apply.
  • Update Manager, similar to Windows Update this utility allows you to apply updates to your Linspire system.  Traditional Linux updates need to be applied via the command line.  This utility is done from a GUI interface and takes the complexity out of updating your systems.
  • WINE, WINE is a subsystem that allows users to run some Windows binaries within Linux.  While not a perfect solution it does help and for users who need to run Windows for any application that does not run with WINE we also include Virtual Machine software that allows customers to run the Windows OS itself on top of Linspire as well as BSD, OS/2, OpenServer, UnixWare, Red Hat Enterprise, and SUSE Linux Enterprise.
All these services are provided with Linspire free of charge.

Linspire contains the following user applications
  • LibreOffice
  • Whiteboard
  • Google Chrome
  • Thunderbird with Calendaring, Google Apps and Microsoft Exchange support
  • Rhythmbox
  • VLC
  • Dropbox
  • Kolourpaint
  • Font Manager
  • Inkscape
  • NitroShare
  • Synergy
  • Built in Anti-Virus 
  • Integrated Virtual Machine software
  • WINE for running certified Windows apps
  • .NET Core support
  • Microsoft SQL Server for Linux Support
  • Ice SSB web app creator
  • Full ZFS Filesystem support
  • Full XFS Filesystem support
  • Full UEFI and Secureboot support
Linspire is more of a traditional operating system that allows you to install and download traditional desktop software although web applications are supported

Linspire CE DOES NOT include WINE or the virtual machine software.

Linspire has the following system requirements and can be installed and operational on the following supported systems.

Processor: Intel or AMD 64 bit CPU
Ram: 4 gb of RAM
Hard Drive:  40 gb or higher
Network: Wireless, Fiber Optic, or ethernet
Systems supported:  General desktop systems and mobile devices such as Notebooks and convertible PC’s

Linspire CE

Linspire CE (Cloud Edition) is a desktop Operating System optimized for cloud computing.  Linspire CE contains the Google Chrome browser which many cloud application providers certify against for optimal performance.  Linspire CE also contains an application called ICE, which allows you to use any web application as if its a desktop application (Internet connectivity must be maintained unless that app can be ran offline) Customers can download and install any traditional Linux desktop software as well through our Software Center. Linspire CE is the best choice for education customers that normally work with Chrome OS or Windows 10 S.

Applications, Linspire CE contains the following applications
  • Google Chrome
  • Whiteboard
  • Anti-Virus software
  • VLC
  • Skype
  • Nitroshare
  • Synergy
Linspire CE is also certified and tested to work with the following cloud services
  • Oracle Web Applications
  • SalesForce
  • IBM Cloud
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Classroom
  • Google Docs for Business/Education/Government
  • Amazon Web Services
  • State and Federal Intranet and Web applications
Linspire CE has a lower memory footprint then Linspire and can run with the following system requirements and supported systems

Processor: Intel or AMD 64 bit CPU
Ram: 2 gb of RAM
Hard Drive:  20 gb or higher
Network: Wireless, Fiber Optic, or ethernet
Systems supported:  General desktop systems and mobile devices such as Notebooks and convertible PC’s, Intel based Chromebooks and Chromeboxes.