Welcome to the Linspire webstore.  Here we provide you with an easy ordering of our hardware, software, apparel, and services that pertain to our award-winning and cutting edge technologies that we provide our Education, business and federal customers and clients.  If you have any questions please contact our sales teams at sales@pc-opensystems.com

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All license sales are final. Once you download the ISO or receive your Install Media, you have effectively torn the shrink wrap off of physical media, and there is no way for us to return that to stock as we are unable to verify that you stopped using the product or no longer have a copy in your possession. We are very happy to work with you to resolve any installation or operational issues which you may have as we continue to improve support for Linspire


"PC/OpenSystems LLC shipped our order very quickly and efficiently.  They also provided our tech support with help when we were doing custom on-site configurations.  Very professional and very speedy"

"The server that we ordered arrived before schedule and was seriously just a drop in for our infrastructure.  We were very surprised with the ease of use of the software component.  This is a model of what other Linux distributions should aspire to."

" Coming from Red Hat Enterprise Linux we were very cautious about dealing with a smaller company but we found PC/OpenSystems LLC to be very responsive to our needs and Roberto was very helpful in getting our custom RHEL apps ported and working on Linspire Server and Linspire desktop.  Extremely satisfied."

"Our studio uses Macs and old SGI equipment for audio and video productions.  We replaced our Irix and SGI systems with the Inspire BriQ and Linspire.  Our production crew felt right at home on Linspire and integration with the Macs was seamless and trouble-free.  It has improved the crew's workflow and with Simon's help we deployed and had everything up, running and files transferred in one evening.  We are PC/OS customers for life." 

"Contacted PC/OpenSystems about a server to replace an aging Windows 2000 in my medical practice.  I'm not a very technical person but Roberto and his team helped explain what to expect and helped move our database over from SQL Server.  Roberto came out and set everything up.  Very professional and I hear from Simon and Roberto at least 3 times a month so I don't feel alone and can go to them with any questions and problems that may come up.  Thanks, guys"

Linspire is the worlds easiest to use Operating System.  Based on our past work we are the industry leaders in desktop Linux and Operating System development.  Many companies and government agencies use our desktop Linux products and many research facilities use our HPC products and many educational facilities use our Desktop, Cloud and Embedded Linux Products.  Below you will find the pricing for our OS products.  We do offer discounts for educational, law enforcement and military deployment.  Contact our sales team for pricing.


We open the digital locker for 24 hours for you to complete your downloads.  After 24 hours if you have not downloaded your ISO's the links WILL NOT work.  You will need to contact our sales team and we will open the locker again for you to have more time to download.  Thank you

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Linspire 14 Released

 Today, the Linspire team is proud to release Linspire 14.  Linspire is one of the best selling Linux desktop operating systems in the world...