Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Freespire 3.0.8 and Linspire 7 SP1

On March 19, 2018 we will be releasing both Freespire 3.0.8 and Linspire 7 SP1 (Service Pack 1).  Both these releases address issues several users have had with both distributions.  These include stability, compatibility and usability.  These are out of our planned releases but the issues people were having make it a necessary update.

Both releases will have some fixes applied that affect both and we will also be including the following features in both releases.

  • Both will have all security updates rolled into them
  • AMD proprietary installer issue has been fixed  
  • An issue some users are having with sound output when resuming from suspend has been fixed.
  • VNC remote desktop will be included. 

Freespire 3.0.8 will also utilize the greybird theme as default to differentiate it more from Linspire.  We know how much people love greybird and we thinks its an awesome theme too.  Chromium will also replace Firefox in Freespire per user request.  All help documentation has been moved on to disk.

Linspire will have a ton of fixes and requests from customers and clients. 

  • NetworkManager will be expanded for VPN and SSH capabilities 
  • Mobile Broadband has been improved 
  • Prepaid monitoring app so users who use prepaid mobile broadband base stations with a GSM card can monitor how much time they are using and how much cash they are spending.   
  • Improved support for ACER Intel based Chromebases and have improved the functionality of those devices including an installer bug which claims you dont have enough space on that device.
  • ICE SSB 5.2.7
  • LibreOffice 6.0
  • GIMP will replace Kolourpaint

Linspire CE 7 SP1 will also include a number of fixes to refine the experience customers have with that release including

  • Removal of unneeded desktop applications
  • Improved Chromebook support
  • Improved interoperability with the Chrome Administration Utility
  • ebook manager
  • Improved stylus support
  • Per request from our law enforcement clients; improved bio-metric support
Linspire CE 7 SP1 when installed on Intel based Chromebooks will also work with the Chrome charging carts.  We will be offering a couple of cloudbook offerings and those as well will be compatible with the Chromebook charging carts

Hardware wise we are working on a HDMI stick type system for users to take with them to hotels and other uses.

Current users will be able to update their core systems with the Update Manager and ISO images of Freespire will be released and an ISO will be made available for subscribers

Linspire 14 Released

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