Saturday, February 17, 2018

Upcoming: Linspire 7 Service Pack 1

On March 19. 2018 we will be releasing Linspire 7 Service Pack 1.  Linspire 7 SP1 will have quite a few fixes in it and and is an important update to Linspire and for our customers.

GUI changes

Not much is changing with the GUI.  Most customers have stated that they dont like the double stack panel so we changed that to where the taskbar is just a single row. We have refined and changed some of the icons and we added the Adwaita Dark theme.  We also have designed a new logo and updated it so its not so 2007.  The install icon no longer shows "Install Linspire 16.04" but rather just "Install Linspire"

Core Changes

Some of the things we have worked on is the core system include:

Newer kernel
Fixed the AMD proprietary driver install
All security updates
Removed the rest of the Xubuntu branding
Moved help docs from the web to disk
LibreOffice 6.0

Current users will be able to update via the Update Manager and an ISO download will be available for current customers who want an ISO image.  New customers can purchase from our web store.

Linspire 14 Released

 Today, the Linspire team is proud to release Linspire 14.  Linspire is one of the best selling Linux desktop operating systems in the world...