Thursday, February 8, 2018

Freespire released

Today we are releasing Freespire which is a bug fix and incremental release of the Freespire 3.0 series.  We also added some features and applications that users wanted us to include in the distribution.  With this release we fixed several issues.

  • We included the 4.13.0-32 kernel in the distribution
  • We added a few UI tweaks due to user feedback - The panel is no longer double layered and is single layered now with taskbar buttons grouping together for same tasks or multiple windows
  • We removed Gparted and included the Disk Utility which is a much friendlier and straightforward solution
  • We looked into an issue that a reviewer and one of our insiders claimed to have to where the "release notes" link in the installer was being redirected to an ad or survey site.  While we here in the US were unable to replicate the problem it appears to be a regional one and we took steps to correct the issue which this release does.  As of final testing today the issue appears to be resolved.  In future releases "Release notes" will be provided on disk rather than online
  • Instead of relying on our online help system we have provided a catalog of "Help" documentation which can be accessed via the "Help" icon in the application menu or /usr/share/freespire-docs/ we will be providing this documentation online as well
  • All security updates up until February 7, 2018 have been applied

Added Applications
  • Simple Screen Recorder
  • E-Book Reader
  • Inkscape
  • GNOME Games
  • GNOME Disk Utility

Removed Applications

  • Gparted

You can download the new ISO files from the following location

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