Thursday, February 8, 2018

Linspire and Education

One of the things we are passionate about at PC/OpenSystems LLC and at Linspire is the education market.  We have made several inroads into this market when people said it was decently serviced by Microsoft, Apple, and Google.   We have had the privilege of working with many primary, secondary and college level institutions for a long time both in the United States and abroad.  We work with many recyclers and education only hardware providers a lot.  So today we are going to break down each release of Linspire and how it serves our education market.

Linspire - Linspire as everyone knows is a great desktop OS.  It is cost effective, secure, and functional in this environment.  With Linspire we bundle many applications including enterprise class software that many school systems find effective.  We provide them with a MS Office and Google Docs compatible Office Suite for free, easy to use networking, and tools to work locally or in the cloud.

Linspire Cloud - Linspire Cloud has been by far our most popular distribution sold in the education market.  With its focus on cloud based apps it has allowed educational facilities to utilize many applications they know and love and gave them access to others.  Linspire Cloud has the unique ability to allow users to utilize traditional desktop applications as well.  Linspire Cloud unlike Windows 10 is not a convergence OS, like ChromeOS its a cloud OS.  Linspire Cloud also allows users to re-purpose their older hardware as well as their unsupported Chrome devices.

Security - Because educational facilities have a lot of through traffic security is paramount.  Because Linspire and Linspire Cloud are based on Linux they are inherently secure by design.  On top of that we put in several access controls so that these facilities can manage user accounts, blacklist websites and content, and block malware and viruses.

Pricing - Linspire and Linspire Cloud are very competitive pricing wise with Microsoft Windows, ChromeOS and macOS.  Educational facilities get discounts and when they purchase systems they also get free copies of Linspire Cloud to refurbish and reuse older hardware.

We work very well withing the education market and we look forward to bringing more products and offerings to this market and to bring the value of security and open source software to educational facilities world wide.

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