Monday, February 5, 2018

Linspire license additions

Since the release of Linspire 7 we have heard from customers and potential customers about our licensing prices.  Some users want Linspire 7 but do not need support or want to support themselves.  They compile their own kernels as we do or make fundamental changes to their systems that we obviously cant support.  So for those customers we are introducing the new Self support license for $39.99.  We also heard from customers overseas and some local customers who just want the ISO but dont need physical media and for those customers we are now offering a download release, self support for $29.99.  For a 12 month support license for the download edition is $59.99.  We also heard from some of our consumer, education and library customers who have a couple of PC's 3 to 5 systems and buying individual licenses is not cost effective.  So we are introducing Studio licensing, 5 licenses of Linspire fully supported for 12 months for $399.99.

How do compare to our competitors?

Microsoft charges $244.00 for the Windows Family license of 3 computers.  With Linspire you get 5.

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Linspire 14 Released

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