Saturday, February 3, 2018

Linspire 7.0 vs Windows 10

We have people all the time ask us; Why should we invest in Linspire?  Isnt Windows 10 already preinstalled on my system?  While these are very interesting questions there are a few fundamental differences between Linspire and Windows 10.  While yes, Windows 10 is preinstalled on your systems when you purchase them.  Windows 10 has a few fundamental flaws to it.  We will list those flaws and how we differ from Windows 10.

Windows 10 security - Windows 10 has a lot of gaping holes in it.  New vulnerabilities are discovered and exploited on the same day.  When this happens you run the risk of system instability, data loss, exposure of customer or personal data and you open yourself up to any exposed data being broadcast over the internet which can also be embarrassing to you if its your own personal system or to your company.

Linspire security - Linspire is designed to be secure from start to finish.  Being based on Linux its inherently secure.  With an easy to administer Firewall to the option to encrypt your home directory from the installation.  We also include a anti-virus solution so Linspire is a good neighbor for any Windows clients it comes in contact with.  There are far less viruses and malware on Linspire than on Windows 10.

Windows 10 data collection - Windows 10 uses a mechanism called telemetry to collect data from your machine and it starts with Activation and ends with your computing habits.  When you activate your machine Windows 10 sends information back to Microsoft that includes the serial number of your system, what kind of system it is, and hardware specifications.  Windows 10 also records and transmits application usage and web browsing habits.

Linspire data collection - Linspire contains no data transmission mechanisms.  No user data is transmitted back to us and no system info is transmitted back to us.  The only data that is transmitted is the key for our commercial repository and that just informs us that your copy of Linspire is able to access that repository.  There is also no genuine advantage or activation with Linspire.  We operate on a "on your honor" system.  Which means we trust you to take out as many licenses that are necessary and that you will only install one copy per system.

Windows 10 and the BSA | The Software Alliance - Microsoft and other companies use this agency to "enforce" compliance.  If they get a "tip" on possible license infringements they will raid you and make you pay huge fines.  There have been tales of raids where perfectly legal machines are marked as illegitimate and that leaves users having to go to court and defend themselves and for business users you have the expense of downtime while they conduct their audits.

Linspire and the BSA | The Software Alliance - We do not contract with any company to enforce compliance.  As stated we operate on an "on your honor" model.  Now if we have too many service tickets for a customer and it appears to operate on multiple systems we will encourage you to bring your license package up to date.  There are no fines or fee's from us and no raids or someone wanting to audit your business records.  Most of the software in Linspire is free-as-in-beer and open source software.  The proprietary software that is included in the system is licensed per copy of Linspire.

Windows 10 and Patents - Microsoft does indemnify its users from lawsuits that may arise via patent disputes against Microsoft Windows and the Microsoft Office suite.

Linspire and Patents - PC/OpenSystems LLC protects all customers from patent lawsuits and patent disputes in all of our software products.  As a member of the OIN (Open Invention Network) we have partnered with the pool of Linux distributors and open source developers world wide to protect against fraudulent patents and claims.

Windows 10 is built for convergence and not for the cloud - Windows 10 is not a cloud OS.  While yes you can run web based applications Microsoft only makes traditional desktop software available  and transmits those apps, desktop settings and data files to licensed systems even in Windows 10 S which is their ChromeOS competitor.

Linspire is built for the cloud - Linspire makes use of utilities to use web apps in your system.  These include communications apps, productivity apps, games and storage.  Linspire Cloud is different as it utilized only web applications and allows you to download and use whatever traditional software packages you want.  Using this approach it allows us to refine the system, improve the security foot print and allows users the ability to customize their systems as they see fit.

Windows 10 and pricing - Windows 10 is expensive and starts at $129.00 per copy.  For the pro and Enterprise versions the cost is more.  Along with Windows 10 you must buy Microsoft Office and other products like anti-virus and anti-malware and as your needs become more you must purchase even more software.

Linspire and pricing - Linspire for the general desktop user comes in one version.  The price is $79.99 for one license.  The release you use at home is the same release you use at the office.  The release you use in your dorm room is the same release you use in the classroom.  Linspire comes with a free office suite thats compatible with Microsoft Office and Google Doc's, anti-virus software, multimedia applications, and it includes a plethora of enterprise quality software .  Linspire does not build any of the software packages into the core OS so any piece of software can be uninstalled and it doesnt affect the stability of the system.  Linspire comes in 3 flavors; general desktop, Cloud which is our ChromeOS alternative and allows users to use web applications instead of traditional desktop based apps and Nano which powers our embedded and HPC systems.  For users who want to use a quality and free-as-in-beer and open source operating system we offer Freespire and Black Lab Linux.

So there you have it.  With Linspire you get a quality desktop, you are fully supported with the same quality support you get with Windows 10, and you get a full complement of software for your needs and while with Windows you have to purchase much of the software you use with Linspire its free and you have many free and paid software packages in our Software Center.  If you want a desktop system or notebook with Linspire we have those available as well.   Whether you need a system for home, education, science or business Linspire is the OS of choice and can be yours as well.  You can purchase your copy here or contact today to find out what Linspire can do for you today.

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