Thursday, May 10, 2018

Changes coming to Linspire and Freespire

Ok guys, some changes that we are making to Freespire and Linspire:

1. Dropping XFCE for Freespire. Freespire will only be delivered in KDE Plasma 5 going forward. It is by far the most popular desktop and has had way more downloads and usage. Linspire will continued to be offered in XFCE and KDE.

2. Linspire Server 2018 will be released next week. We had to work with multiple companies on the next issue. Linspire Server 2018 will be FREE to download and use under a self support license. Commercial support will have license terms as follows: Self support = free Commercial Support = $199.99 USD per physical server. $129.99 USD per virtual server. $79.00 USD for physical media, self support.

3. Linspire Server 2018 will ship with XFCE as the main GUI, and DWM as a secondary. Why a GUI? Many of our customers come from Windows and macOS Server products and we want to make it as comfortable as possible. You can still use it command line only as well.

4. We are currently in SP2 development. Some changes coming in SP2 include ENCFS Manager, Cantata as the audio player, Kmail replaces Thunderbird, we are adding the Spotify client. There are numerous under the hood changes which we will be discussing the closer we get to release.

5. Some have asked if we will offer a minimalistic version like Ubuntu does. The answer is, we already do. People who want a minimalist release of Linspire can use Linspire CE and add whatever apps they want whether they are cloud or traditional desktop apps

Linspire 14 Released

 Today, the Linspire team is proud to release Linspire 14.  Linspire is one of the best selling Linux desktop operating systems in the world...