Sunday, April 8, 2018

Linspire 7.0 Service Pack 1 released

Today we are delivering Linspire 7 SP1 for general release.  With this release we have several fixes and changes that we have made to Linspire.   With this release we have resolved many of the issues that users had with our first release.  Linspire 7 is the only desktop distribution that is supported for 10 years on the desktop.  Linspire is deployed by many companies, government agencies and education facilities for their productivity, design and development workstations.

Resolved Issues

With this release we have resolved the following issues

Installer rebranded for Linspire
All Xubuntu and Kubuntu documentation removed
All Xubuntu and Kubuntu branding removed
iMac wireless and iSight camera drivers now included
Google Pixelbook support
Linspire Server Core 7.0 now supports many HPE, Dell and Lenovo server systems.

Features and Updates

Kernel 4.13.0-38
KDE 5.8.9
XFCE 4.12
LibreOffice 6.0.3
Google Chrome 65
Thunderbird 52.7
Ice SSB 5.2.7
VLC 2.2.8 (3.0 will be coming in our next update)
OpenBoard white board application
All Security updates until April 5, 2018


Linspire 7.0 SP1 is available today with KDE as our default desktop and XFCE for lower end and older systems.  To acquire XFCE place it in your order notes.

Linspire 7.0 is the most affordable desktop Linux distribution on the market,

Boxed set - $79.99 USD
Digital download - $29.99 USD

Linspire is also available preloaded on hardware.  Linspire comes with 12 months of phone and e-mail support and commercial support also includes remote service and on-site service.

All current subscribers and customers have received a download for the new ISO.


You can purchase Linspire from our webstore.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions contact or join our forums.

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