Thursday, February 14, 2019

Linspire CE 8.0 Office 365 Released

Today the Linspire team is pleased to announce the release of Cloud Edition 8.0 Office 365. This is an update to our CE Office - by far one of our most popular business releases for 2018. We have worked diligently to thoroughly integrate Microsoft’s web services into this product. Who was this designed for? For our business and education users who rely on Microsoft’s web services in their offices and classrooms.  CE Office 365 offers the standard Microsoft Office online platform married to the stability and security of the Linux desktop.

The systems include:

Google Chrome
KDE Plasma
VLC Player
Full DVD Playback
Office 365 Online launcher

We have worked with many state and educational facilities to verify/certify that Linspire CE does indeed work with their Online and localized web apps; it is fully supported.

The cost of Linspire CE 8.0 Office 365 is as follows:

Single user license: $49.99 USD / user
Corporate unlimited user license: $1,500.99 USD

Educational, military and law enforcement discounts are available for the unlimited license. Contact for details.

Linspire CE Office 365
Install Media
Order Notes

Let’s go over some frequently asked questions regarding this distribution.

What is Linspire CE, exactly? 
Linspire CE is a specialized variant developed for the execution of cloud-based applications. It has a smaller disk/memory footprint, making it ideal for lower-end systems, i.e. laptops and Chromebooks. This allows organizations to repurpose older systems into their organizations, extending their hardware refresh cycle.

Can I run standard Linux desktop applications on my system? 
Yes. All standard Linux desktop apps run on this system: Gimp, LibreOffice, Inkscape, Spotify, Dia, Krita, Kdenlive, Audacity etc.

Can I still use Google’s web apps if I choose to?
Yes, all of Google’s online apps are available to mix/match with locally installed applications, if you so desire.

I have specialized QT and GTK based apps that I use in my – will they run on Linspire CE?
Yes. We support all QT / GTK based apps. If you have a legacy program, we will help you migrate it to Linspire CE

Does the Linspire SDK work on Linspire CE? 

If I use Linspire CE can I change to Linspire CE Office 365 free of charge?

Can I dual boot Linspire CE with Windows 10? 
You can, but we don’t support dual boot with Linspire CE out of the box. That’s a deployment that undertaken at your own risk. Caveat emptor.

Can I dual boot Linspire CE with Chrome OS? 
Unknown; untried. Linspire CE and Android-x86_64 is a known, supported and thoroughly tested configuration.

What are the system requirements for Linspire CE? 
As follows: 64 bit processor, 2 GB RAM (4 + GB recommended), 20 GB HDD space. Touch or mouse/keyboard input.

How can I get Linspire CE Office 365? 
When you order Linspire CE Office 365 we deliver that to you on physical media - it is not available as a download option.

What are the support options for Linspire CE Office 365? 
Linspire CE and Linspire CE Office 365 follow the support options usually available for Linspire Server - 2 years of phone, e-mail, remote support for a bi-yearly rate as well as on-site service for an additional fee.

What desktops are available with Linspire CE? 
KDE Plasma 5

Can I order systems with Linspire CE preloaded? 
Yes. We have two systems available, the InspireBook laptop and an AIO desktop system, the InspireStation.

What applications are available with Linspire CE 8.0 Office 365? 
Google Chrome
KDE Plasma
VLC Player
Full DVD Playback
Office 365 Online launcher
Bing Search integration

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