Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Linspire Workstation 2019 R2 released

Today the PC/Opensystems Enterprise development team is pleased to announce the release of Linspire Workstation 2019 R2. This update to Linspire Embedded Desktop offers unprecedented reliability, predictability, and performance. It also offers more of a traditional workstation environment.  Productivity suite and groupware suite as well as a CAD environment and Diagram creation utility.  Utilizing the lean MATE desktop environment, Linspire Workstation allows you to maximize the value of your current hardware investments, allowing you to decide what applications you want to run and what role you want your system to provide: multimedia production, productivity, development station, mainframe support or appliance control. Linspire Workstation 2019 R2 provides rock-solid performance and dependability, desktop PC or mobile.

Features : Full GUI System – MATE + DWN Tiling Window Manager
LTS Server Kernel 5.0.0-37
OpenSSH Client
Google Chrome
Chrome web application framework NFS / XFS / JFS / BTRFS /exFAT support
Multimedia Codecs
Remote Administration capability
Biometric Services
LDAP Directory services
Microsoft Powershell
Microsoft SQL integration
Visual Studios Code

24 months Phone, e-mail, and remote support; on-site repair and deployment services available for an additional charge. Contact sales@pc-opensystems.com for details.

Linspire Workstation 2019 offers unprecedented value and capabilities to your organization.  Whether deployed on a traditional knowledge worker desktop or on a high-performance developer desktop.  Linspire Workstation 2019 R2 is the premiere open-source desktop solution that can handle all of your business needs.

 Pricing :Download Edition: $59.99 USD Boxed version $119.99 USD - single license / $2999.99 USD unlimited site licensing

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