Thursday, August 17, 2023

Linspire 14 Beta 2 Released

 Today we are happy to release the newest Beta for Linspire 14.  Linspire 14 Beta 2.  These are Beta builds which means they are provided for testing only we do NOT recommend these to be deployed in any kind of production environment.  These builds are for users to provide us with feedback.  This build uses the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS base.   Beta builds are free to download but are not representative of the final builds.  This will be the last beta build of Linspire 14 before we hit the Release Candidate stage.

Linspire 14 Beta 2 is our premium distribution it contains everything you need for a home user. Whether you are a student, home office worker, gamer or contemporary home user Linspire contains all the tools, codecs and applications to get you started. 

Some of the changes we have included are:

  • Linux kernel 6.2 which enhances device support and stability
  • Microsoft Edge as the main browser which is based on open source technologies and  uniquely engineered for security, privacy and performance
  • Bluetooth has been fixed
  • Minimal install now retains multimedia players and codecs
  • ext4, JFS and XFS are all installable target filesystems
  • Support for Uptrack has been improved
  • GNOME console and GNOME Text Editor replaces GNOME Terminal and Gedit 
Linspire 14 Beta 2 features are as follows: 

  • GNOME 42.9
  • GNOME Classic 
  • Linux Kernel 6.2 
  • Microsoft Edge 115 
  • Geary Mail Client 
  • Steam Client 
  • Discover Software Store 
  • Flatpak 1.14.4 
  • OnlyOffice 7.4 
  • Rhythmbox 
  • Totem 
  • Powershell 7.3.6
  • Full multimedia and codec support 

All security updates up 8/12/2023 Other changes we have made is that we have removed the Ubuntu Advantage Tools as well as Canonical specific tools. 

Linspire 14 RC1 will be released in October

You can download this release here:

Linspire 14 Released

 Today, the Linspire team is proud to release Linspire 14.  Linspire is one of the best selling Linux desktop operating systems in the world...