Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Introducing Linspire CE Office365

Today we are pleased to announce a new release for our Education and business customers.  Linspire 7.0 SP1 CE Office365.  Linspire CE Office365 is our release of Linspire CE (cloud edition) dedicated to Microsoft's online platform..  Linspire CE Office365 is available today from our webstore.

We are providing this release for education facilities and companies that have standardized on the Microsoft Office platform and who need a robust alternative operating system platform for collaboration with existing infrastructure and migration to the web and cloud storage hosting.

Linspire CE Office365 includes the following features from Linspire:

kernel 4.13.0-43
KDE Plasma Desktop environment
Google Chrome
The VLC media player
Biometric support

The following Microsoft app shortcuts are provided out of box:

Office365 console
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft OneNote
Skype Web
Microsoft Outlook

You can purchase this release from our online store 

More information is available from our live product launch which was recorded

If you have any questions contact:

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