Sunday, March 15, 2020

Tax Season with Linspire and TurboTax

Tax season is upon us folks and with Linspire, you can now get your taxes completed effectively and efficiently.  This year like with the last 4 years we are pleased that we will be continuing to partner with Intuit and have tested Linspire with their online portal.  No more swapping computers, no more having to guess whether you can complete your taxes hassle-free and without any questions of support with Linspire 8.x.  PC/OpenSystems LLC has worked with Intuit and with H&R Block longer than ANY Linux distributor to ensure that Americans everywhere can safely and securely complete the process of filing your taxes on time.

Our Lead System designer and developer Roberto Dohnert had this to say, " With the retirement of Windows 7 and many tax experts questioning the safety and security of using older Windows systems to complete this delicate yet important task; Linspire with its rock-solid performance and up2date software stack ensures that peace of mind that you can transmit your data without fear of having your personal information or identity being compromised or stolen.  We are extremely proud of working with Intuit for the last 5 years to ensure our Linux based OS can stand up to the task."

If you are still running Windows 7 on your PC and would like to upgrade you can purchase Linspire here.

If your order the box set over the Digital Download in order notes type "TaxPrep" to ensure 48-hour shipping

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Linspire 14 Released

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