Monday, November 30, 2020

Linspire 9.5 released



Today the PC/Opensystems Enterprise development team is pleased to announce the final release of the Linspire 9.0 series, version 9.5. This is a comprehensive release update that will conclude the 9.0 series for the long term. V 9.5 utilizes the XFCE desktop setup to offer a more stable, traditional, intuitive desktop experience to users whose systems may be unable to run Windows 10 effectively / efficiently. For current Linspire users this release offers full security, kernel and graphics drivers updates. 

While an incremental release, v 9.5 is an important, full-featured release; Linspire customers can rest assured that their investment will be protected far into the future. Linspire is the ultimate desktop Linux solution. Whether it is the 100% compatible Microsoft Office alternative, the high grade security and safer computing solution, or the perfect platform for Linux gaming. Linspire is Linux computing for the masses. 


Features included are : 

  • Full Xfce GUI System – version 4.14 LTS 
  • Kernel 5.4.0-54 
  • Rhythmbox 
  • VLC 
  • OnlyOffice 6.0.2 
  • Kpatience 
  • Kolourpaint 
  • Firefox ESR 78.5 
  • Software Center for easy application installation 
  • Full multimedia playback through licenced codecs 
  • Remote Administration capability 
  • Samba 
  • .NET Core 5.0
  • Microsoft Powershell 
  • Wine and Proton support 

Minimum System requirements:

  • 1ghz or faster 64 bit CPU
  • 2 gb of RAM
  • 10 gb Unallocated Disk Space
  • 800x600 or higher display resolution
  • keyboard, mouse or touch input


Buyers of Linspire 9.5 entitles the buyer to 12 months of free upgrades, e-mail and phone support. The download edition or boxed sets can be purchased here


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