Sunday, July 4, 2021

Linspire 10 Service Pack 1 Released



Happy Birthday America, Today our 24 hr-seven-day-a-week development team is excited to announce the release of Linspire 10 SP1, a complete security and feature fix. All updates-up-to-and-including-July 2nd 2021 are incorporated into this release. 

Roberto J. Dohnert lead developer and system designer for Linspire gave the following statement:  

"Windows 11 is not the only significant update coming this year.  PC/OpenSystems LLC has continued to lead the charge in commercial desktop Linux distributions with Linspire 10 SP1 for our consumers and Xandros OpenDesktop for our Enterprise customers.  With Linspire you dont need a TPM module and you can take FULL advantage of your current hardware investments for years to come."

 The team did envision some major UI changes; in the end, we decided to leave well enough (one of the best, most intuitive Linux desktops available) alone. More or less : the Light theme is enabled by default. More importantly, fixes to several issues have been implemented : 


  • Multiple repeat icons in the system tray 
  • Apple Air Pod connection is more streamlined 
  • New drivers and modules for the 5.4 kernel 
  • USB Wifi adapters no longer connect / disconnect on HP AIO 22 
  • HP Z2 supported more completely 
  • Touch screen support has been greatly improved 


Features included : 

  • Customized XFCE / GNOME Desktop 
  • Kernel 5.4.0-77 
  • Google Chrome 91
  • Thunderbird 78.11 
  • OnlyOffice 6.3 
  • Kpatience 
  • DreamChess 
  • VLC 
  • Rhythmbox 
  • KolourPaint 
  • Boot Repair 
  • Full UEFI support 
  • TCSH, CSH, ZSH shells 
  • ZFS Filesystem support 


These are only some of the changes; questions regarding any others can be directed to support AT pc-opensystems DOT com Linspire 10 SP1 can be purchased as a digital download; if you have bandwidth constraints, physical copies are available in USB format. Bootable 

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